Expression of Interest (EOI) for Easy-to-Read Document Development

  1. Introduction

Parent Federation of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, Nepal is the umbrella organization active in the field of Intellectual Disability Rights at the national level leading the campaign for the rights of Intellectual Disability. PFPID-Nepal was established in 2068 and has been working on policy advocacy and initiatives, and institutional and capacity development of organizations to ensure the rights and respect of people with intellectual disabilities. PFPID-Nepal is active in promoting rights initiatives and advocacy in coordination with organizations at the national and local levels, informing the parents of intellectual disabilities about their rights, and enhancing their capabilities.

We invite expressions of interest from potential consultants or firms to collaborate with PFPID Nepal in creating an Easy-to-Read document specifically designed for individuals with intellectual disabilities. The primary objective is to provide accessible and comprehensible information that empowers this audience.

  • Objectives: PFPID seeks to collaborate with capable entities to achieve the following objectives:
    • Develop easy-to-read documents that effectively communicate essential information to persons with intellectual disabilities in Nepal.
    • Ensure the documents are presented in a manner that is comprehensible, engaging, and culturally relevant to the target audience.
    • Enhance accessibility and promote inclusivity by addressing the diverse needs of individuals with intellectual disabilities.
    • Empower persons with intellectual disabilities by providing them with access to information in a format that is understandable and empowering.
  • Scope of Work: The selected organization or individual will be tasked with:
    • Developing easy-to-read documents that adhere to best practices and guidelines for accessibility and readability, ensuring cultural appropriateness. The easy-to-read document shall be of the Accessibility Go and Guideline on Manual for Employment of the persons with Intellectual Disabilities. The Accessibility Go and the manual shall be provided by PFPID.
    • Collaborating closely with stakeholders, including persons with intellectual disabilities, caregivers, and experts, to ensure the effectiveness and relevance of the documents.
    • Incorporating appropriate visual elements, simple language, and interactive features to enhance engagement and comprehension.
    • Adhere to the guideline on easy-to-read document production developed by PFPID-Nepal
  • Eligibility Criteria: PFPID invites expressions of interest from organizations or individuals meeting the following criteria:
    • Demonstrated experience and expertise in developing easy-to-read materials for persons with intellectual disabilities, preferably within Nepal or similar contexts.
    • Understanding of accessibility standards and best practices, particularly in relation to information dissemination for individuals with diverse needs.
    • Ability to engage sensitively and inclusively with stakeholders, ensuring active participation of persons with intellectual disabilities throughout the development process.
    • Capacity to deliver high-quality and culturally appropriate outputs within the specified timeframe.
    • Experience of at least 5 documents produced on easy to read.
  • Submission Requirements: Interested parties are requested to submit the following documents:
    • Expression of Interest (EOI) detailing relevant experience, proposed methodology, and approach for developing easy-to-read documents for persons with intellectual disabilities in Nepal.
    • Organizational profile (if applicable), highlighting past projects related to accessibility and inclusion.
    • Detailed budget estimate and timeline for the proposed activities.
    • Contact information and references.
  • Submission Deadline: All expressions of interest must be submitted to PFPID no later than 3rd Feb. 2024
  • Contact Information: For inquiries and submission of EOIs, please send email with updated CV and cover letter to
  • Evaluation and Selection Process: PFPID will evaluate submitted EOIs based on the eligibility criteria and alignment with the initiative’s objectives. Shortlisted candidates may be invited for further discussions or presentations before the final selection is made.
  • Disclaimer: PFPID reserves the right to accept or reject any expression of interest and is not obligated to select any of the applicants based on this EOI.

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