बौद्धिक अपाङ्गताका महाङ्घ नेपालद्वारा बिभिन्न समयमा संञ्चालित भएका परियोजनाहरू विवरण यस प्रकार छ ।

Project NameFocus AreaFunding PartnerPeriod
Promoting Rights of persons with intellectual disabilities Capacity Building, Advocacy, Promoting Social InclusionThe Norwegian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (NFU) 2015 – 2018 
Vocational capacity building of persons with Intellectual Disabilities Livelihood strengthening and exchange visit Norwegian union of social educators and social workers- Norway (FO) 2015-2018 
Improved access of persons with Intellectual disabilities to education and social security Inclusive Education, Social SecurityMy Right 2018-2021 
Inclusion of children with intellectual disabilities Inclusive EducationPlan International 2017
First seed Capacity BuildingLEV Denmark 2019-2021
Meaningful inclusive education for CWIDs Inclusive Education, Capacity BuildingPostcode Foundation Sweden 2021-2022 
BlossomCapacity BuildingLEV Denmark2021-2024
ACCESSLocal Level Planning ProcessUNDP2021
Capacity development of Self advocates and parentsCapacity BuildingNepal GovernmentOngoing