The details of the projects that have been run by Mangh Nepal for Intellectual Disability at different times are as follows.

Project NameFocus AreaFunding PartnerPeriod
Promoting Rights of persons with intellectual disabilities Capacity Building, Advocacy, Promoting Social InclusionThe Norwegian Association for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities (NFU) 2015 – 2018 
Vocational capacity building of persons with intellectual disabilities Livelihood strengthening and exchange visit Norwegian union of social educators and social workers - Norway (FO) 2015-2018 
Improved access of persons with intellectual disabilities to education and social security Inclusive Education, Social SecurityMy Right 2018-2021 
Inclusion of children with intellectual disabilities Inclusive EducationPlan International 2017
First seed Capacity BuildingLEV Denmark 2019-2021
Meaningful inclusive education for CWIDs Inclusive Education, Capacity BuildingPostcode Foundation Sweden 2021-2022 
BlossomCapacity BuildingLEV Denmark2021-2024
ACCESSLocal Level Planning ProcessUNDP2021
Capacity development of self advocates and parentsCapacity BuildingGovernment of NepalOngoing