In accordance with the partnership agreement to work in the field of institutional development and thematic development based on the rights of intellectually disabled persons based on the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities, with the support of the international donor organization NFU Norway, which has been a continuous partner since 7 years before the establishment of the federation, the project was carried out in 13 districts of the above-mentioned eastern and central and far western regions. are happening In addition, a program called Mahasangh Plan 2015 for earthquake-affected intellectually disabled families in Sindhupalchok, Kavrepalanchok, Dhading, Nuwakot, Bhaktapur, Lalitpur and Kathmandu districts is also running with the support of NFU Norway.

The MyRite project, which started as a partnership in the beginning of 2014, has emphasized on the adaptive education of people with intellectual disabilities. The program, which is focused on Nuwakot as a model program, is running continuously until the year 2017. In particular, advocacy meetings, workshops and other programs related to education are conducted from the center. 

The program has been approved by the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare for dual dialogue with the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, to develop the capacity of volunteers and to increase awareness about all kinds of violence against women and children.

Strong organization

Institutional capacity development is important for the overall development of the organization Considering the fact that with the aim of assisting in institutional capacity development CBM Global who financial A project called “Strong Institutions” in cooperation September, 2022 It is being implemented. The staff and members of the working committee working in this project And it is conducting various activities with the aim of supporting the capacity development of the member organizations in different districts. Conduct inclusive project cycle and financial management training to develop the capacity of the organization's staff and working committee for the organization's own capacity development. And has been providing mentoring support to the administration and finance staff. of the institution Training and other capacity development works have also been done to build and update websites and social networks. Institutional policy, This project has also directly supported the creation and implementation of regulations and plans. This project is also carrying out various activities to expand the network of the federation to more districts and to renew and update the member organizations that have not been renewed for a long time. To create a network of intellectually disabled people and their parents and to register those groups and join the federation and to maintain good governance in the organizations of such new self-advocates and to work for self-reliance., etc. works also fall under the scope of this project. Formation of ad hoc committee for the establishment of member organizations in the district under this project, Assistance in drafting the statutes of the organization, Registration at District Administration Office, Technical assistance has been given in the works.