By empowering people with intellectual disabilities, they should enjoy their identity, participation, security, freedom, human rights and live a quality life.


1. To be active in the protection of the rights of persons with intellectual disabilities so that they can remain as respected and empowered individuals in the society.

2. Establishing mutual contact and coordination between the parents of intellectual disabilities and taking necessary initiatives for the rights of intellectual disabilities.

3. Facilitating the problems faced by intellectually disabled people and conducting various public awareness programs to establish them in the society.

4. Providing necessary opinions and suggestions to the Government of Nepal for promoting the protection of the rights of the intellectually disabled and conducting various programs for the attainment, protection, health and safety of the rights of the intellectually disabled.

5. Gathering necessary support from the government of Nepal, individuals, organizations or other donors for simple living, protection of rights, promotion, and health care for people with intellectual disabilities.

6. To expand cooperation and fraternal relations with associations and networks with similar objectives working in the national and international fields.

7. Collaboration, coordination, public awareness work and advocacy for all types of disabled people in transportation, healthcare, communication, education, employment, sports, entertainment, personal assistants and accessories and easy access.

8. Conducting studies and research in the field of disabled people and public awareness activities related to disability reduction.

9. Act as an umbrella organization by providing guardianship to associations working in the field of intellectual disabilities, monitoring, evaluating and empowering affiliated organizations.

10. To domesticate the principles of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in coordination with stakeholders and carry out public advocacy and other activities.