Completed training on preface writing to member organizations

Bharatpur. 15-17 Chait.

A 3-day program on writing prefaces to the officials of the Parents Association of Intellectual Disabilities was held in Bharatpur under the organization of Federation of Parents of Intellectual Disabilities Nepal.

Bhushan Raj Raut, program manager of the federation, informed that this training was organized with the help of Kopila project, which is run with the support of Lev Inclusion Denmark, with the aim of activating the capacity development of the member organizations and ensuring local resources.

In the opening session of the program, Nirmal Kumar Shrestha, President of Parents Association of Intellectual Disabilities Chitwan, welcomed all the participants to Chitwan and wished them success in the training.

On the last day of the training, the participants prepared a written introduction on the construction of day care center, arrangement of rehabilitation center, arrangement of resource teacher, arrangement of transportation for resource classes, etc.

Among the participants in the program, Lakshmi Basnet, who participated from Kathmandu, said that there is a need for a day service center for people with intellectual disabilities in Kirtipur.

Similarly, the participant Aarti Mandal, who participated from Saptari, said that since there is a shortage of teachers and transport arrangements for the day care center for people with intellectual disabilities in Saptari district, they will submit a proposal to various agencies of the local government to get it.

Also, Harikala Bhushal, a participant from Chitwan, informed that since there is no condition to feed lunch to the students studying in intellectual disability resource classes in Chitwan district, they will submit a proposal to the local and state government agencies to allocate the necessary budget to increase the expenses and arrange physiotherapy rooms in every resource class.

The training was attended by 24 people including 22 representatives and 2 field officers from the member organizations of Chitwan, Saptari, Kathmandu and Kavre districts.

The training was conducted from Chaitra 15th to 17th at Hotel Jamghat in Bharatpur.

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