Federation in an effort to connect people with intellectual disabilities to employment in Madhesh province

Simra. Parents Federation of Intellectual Disabilities Nepal has started the process of connecting people with intellectual disabilities in Bara district of Madhesh province to employment through training and skill development. An initiative to connect people with intellectual disabilities to employment under the "Kopila" project with the support of Labor Inclusion Denmark.
Swaroop Federation has started this work.

Simra Airport Cafeteria located at Simra Airport in Bara District and S. A total of 2 people with intellectual disabilities have been provided training for employment one by one in R. Department store and started looking for employment opportunities. According to the federation, 4 people in Bagmati province and 2 people with intellectual disabilities in Gandaki province are already being trained for employment under the Kopila project of the federation.

Lack of simplified and pictorial information related to employment to connect people with intellectual disabilities to employment, lack of prioritization of intellectual disability-friendly work, employment with assistants, neglect of abilities, negative thinking that they can't or don't know, mandatory provision of educational certificate to get employment and other challenges.
Bhushan Raut, the program manager of the Federation of Parents of Intellectual Disabilities Nepal, informed. He said that even though the government of Nepal has ensured 5 percent reservation quota for people with disabilities when the Public Service Commission's advertisement was released, so far none of the people with intellectual disabilities have benefited from the reservation quota.

A person with an intellectual disability sorting goods in a department store

Mr. Mukund Bhattarai, Manager of Simra Airport Cafeteria, who trains people with intellectual disabilities for employment, said that because people with intellectual disabilities do not get the opportunity to join employment, their skills and abilities are not recognized. He is intellectually disabled at the Simra Airport cafeteria
Stating that connecting people is also an opportunity to fulfill one's social responsibility, he informed that he was very happy to be a part of the work of connecting people to employment started by the federation.

Similarly, Mr. Rupesh Thapa Magar, Operations Manager of SR Department Store, said that it is necessary to identify the skills and abilities of people with intellectual disabilities and connect them to employment and if the government, non-government and private sectors take initiatives from their respective levels, it is possible to connect them to employment.

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